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About Us
 1. We have 99.9 %  customer satisfaction rate. We have a long track record and that's important because past performance is a good indication of future results.We have excellent standing with our past customers and it shows in our testimonials. 

2. We have had zero claims in installation. When it's done right the first time, you never have to be worried about it. 

3. We have been around for about 18 years and our customers can count on us for future installation or warranty issues.

4. We are laid back and do not believe in pressure sales tactics. You do not have to be worried about getting phone calls from us after an estimate is given. We do not do any telemarketing or call you back with 'extra specials'. 

5. Our installers have over 20 years of experience or more. Each crew does only one type of installation. For example tile crew does only tile, hardwood crew installs only hardwood and so on. Our installers to their best to keep the job site clean.  They will dispose all trash and will put the furniture back. 

6. We stay on schedule and will finish your project on time. 

7. You can count on our estimates. There will not be any surprises, and you do not pay anything during or after the project is finished. 

8. We DO NOT CHANGE manufacturer's names and labels. You see true information on all products. We represent and sell the best products from the best manufacturers in industry at the lowest price possible. We only sell first quality products, no cabin grade, seconds, builder's grade, etc. You'll get full manufacturer product warranty. 

9.  If a problem arises, we take care of it as soon as possible, no questions asked. 

and finally:

10. After 17 years, we have zero complaints with Better Business Bureau and the highest rating in Angie's list, google review  and yelp.Type your paragraph here.