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 (All letters and more are available at the showroom,  names have been omitted to respect customers privacy)
Y​our crew completed the hardwood floor installation in my living room, dining room, and hallway. As someone who also deals in sales of a product and service, I find so often people are quick to sit down and write a letter of complaint, or publish negative comments on a consumer website. But I want to say how pleased I am with the work you have done for us.  We debated new flooring for our home for a long time. We had quote for laminate flooring, from a company who frequently advertises on television and radio. The entire time the sales consultant was in my home I felt like I was being fed lines and finally the the 'sales manager' claimed 'overstock in the warehouse,' and if I placed my order that day for, he would knock even more off the price. The whole experience did not sit well with me.  Della Floors was the second quote, and quite honestly should have been my first call. The quote was prompt, and you educated me on the value of hardwood over laminate - everything from warranty, the quality, the sound, appearance, repair, and the worth it would add to my home. Hardwood was nothing I had considered or thought I couldn't afford. We are glad to pick hardwood over laminate  Your crew was, professional, arrived on time each day, worked diligently, took care in my home, and did extraordinary quality work. Thanks again. Will do business again. Highly recommended  Sincerely, 
Dear Mehrdad and Susan,  It has been a couple of months since my home renovation has been completed and I have to say that each and every day we still look around and feel awe in how beautiful our home is. I know that we have worked together on smaller projects over the last 15 years, like bathrooms and flooring but with this being such a huge project I am amazed at how you pulled together every element of the renovation and still gave such focus and detail to every room. It made me feel like you were remodeling your own home. For anyone that you may share this with, (and I hope that you do) Della Floors renovated the entire downstairs of my 21 year old house. My house basically went from an outdated deep grained oak wood, closed-in floor plan, to an open, light and updated amazing space. Everything was painted, all flooring was replaced, carpeted stairs replaced with all new wood to match the new hardwood floors, handrails and balusters, walls knocked down, new cabinets and counters, backsplash, appliances, and light fixtures, drains moved, electrical and gas lines moved, bathrooms torn out…. you name it.   Mehrdad, I can’t thank you enough for putting up with me on those days when I felt overwhelmed with the demo and renovation. Or when I had doubts about some of the choices I made and asked you to make last minute changes or do something over. You always made me feel like I wasn’t being a crazy person, even though I know that some days I definitely was.   Susan, you are amazing. You were so helpful to me when I was unsure and asked for your opinion. Thank you for not ever assuming that your taste was mine (even though I think it is). Della Floors is so lucky to have you.   And to all of the rest of the Della Floors crew. I cannot believe that the same guys that worked on my floors and tile 15 years ago are still working for you. That really says a lot and it gave me peace of mind to leave my house while they were coming in and out. I don’t know how I would have made it through the renovation if I had to worry about that.    Mark and I cannot ever thank you enough for everything that you did. There isn’t one thing we would change. Please know that if you ever need a reference, or want to bring someone by the house, it is the least that we could do to repay you for giving us such an amazing space to live in.
 J. G.

Della Floors is just what we always looked for. Service, Quality, variety of flooring and a friendly consultation are the most important points for us to choose this company. For our 4000 sq-ft home we chose a beautiful solid and high-quality wood named "Anderson" and we are very happy with our new floor. Its very easy to clean and shows beautifully. We have to mention also about qualified people who installed our floor. Della Floors is just to recommend from us.
Della Floors installed Virginia Vintage wood floors in our home as well as a beautiful tile floor with inlaid amber glass in our bathroom. They did an superb job in both areas. Of all of our remodeling contractors they were the easiest to work with and did a stellar job! Thank you Della Floors.
L. G.